The Triumph TR Cars – Triumph TR5

In the mid-1960s Triumph management decided that the Triumph TR line needed more power, if it was to remain a good seller.  After looking at a couple available engines Triumph decided to provide a 2.5 litre 6 cylinder fuel injected engine in its TR line.  The result was the Triumph TR5.  On the outside the Triumph TR5 had the same sheet metal as the Triumph TR4A, which was the same sheet metal that had been used on the Triumph TR4.  There was a minor change in the grille as the small central vertical bar was now blacked out on the TR5.

Triumph TR5 has all Horizontal Bars in the Grille

The Triumph TR5 also has a special TR5 emblem on the hood.

Triumph TR5 Hood Emblem

There also some special markings on the back and rear quarter of the car to distinguish it from the other TRs.

Rear and Side Emblems on the Triumph TR5

On the rear quarter there is a “2500” emblem which indicates the engine size in cc.  The rear has an emblem which says: “TR5 PI”.  North Americans might find this strange, but in England “PI” stands for “Petrol Injection”.

Of course the feature of the TR5 is the engine which produced 150 horsepower.  This compares very favorably to the 100 horsepower that the Triumph TR4A had.  This made the Triumph TR5 one of the fastest of all of the Triumph TR cars.  Only one version of the subsequent TR6 was faster.

The 150 Horsepower Triumph TR5 Engine

 The Triumph TR5 was built from October 1967 to November 1968 with a total of approximately 2,950 cars being built.  Unfortunately the TR5 cars were not available in the USA.

 Triumph TR5 Dash

 The Triumph TR5 is a very desireable Triumph unfortunately it is not particularly common. 

The Triumph TR5 Kept the Hood Bulge of the Earlier TRs, But was Unnecessary With This Engine

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3 Responses to The Triumph TR Cars – Triumph TR5

  1. Greg Gonya says:

    Take a close look at the Dodge Kingsway. Like a lot of export and off shore assembled Dodges, it is actually a 58 Plymouth with 58 Dodge trim and front sheetmetal. This was common from late 30’s through the early 60’s. Australia actually got body tooling after it was “used up here” and if you look at the 55 and 56 Dodges and Desotos, you will see that they are the late front sheetmetal on a 53/54 Plymouth body. They wers also badged as DeSoto Diplomats in central and South America and perhaps in Africa.

    • Hi Greg,
      JD Fentie had sent me a rear quarter picture of the Dodge Kingsway, which says that it is a Dodge Kingsway. I did not want to show it as it would have given the answer away. However, as you noted the car might have been out of synch with the United States cars.


  2. Francois says:

    You can see more details about this car at :

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