Follow-up On the Triumph TR2 at Le Mans in 1955

I was pleased to be contacted by Thomas Voglar about a photo of a Triumph TR2 that competed at Le Mans in 1955.  It turns out that Thomas now owns the car and he just finished restoring it!  The picture that I included in my post about Triumph TR2 cars is shown below:

Thomas Voglar’s Triumph TR2 at Le Mans in 1955

In the 1955 Le Mans race Car #28 was the fastest of the three works TR2 cars that were entered and finished.  It was driven by Bobbie Dickson and Ninian Sanderson to average speed of 84.4 mph, which resulted in a 14th place finish overall.

Thomas included a link to some other photographs of his car at Le Mans in 1955.

The Triumph TR2 before the 1955 Le Mans race

The Triumph TR2 Works Race Team at Le Mans in 1955

As I noted Thomas just finished restoring Car #28 or as it is typically known by its registration number “PKV 376”.  The car has been beautifully restored, as shown in the following pictures.

TR2 “PKV 376” Now Beautifully Restored

Recently, at the  Ennstal Classic in Austria, Thomas Voglar first presented the restored Triumph TR2.  And what was particularly impressive was that Thomas had his car driven at the event by Rauno Aaltonen, one of the great rally drivers.

Rauno Aaltonen with Thomas Voglar and the Restored Le Mans Triumph TR2

If you look in the comments section under my post titled “The Triumph TR Cars – The Triumph TR2”, then you will find Thomas’ comment with a link to a number of pictures of Thomas’ car during restoration and at the Ennstal Classic.

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13 Responses to Follow-up On the Triumph TR2 at Le Mans in 1955

  1. bolliger says:

    replica mister thomas

  2. also just saw this post. Had some of these stupid posts………..
    mister thomas

  3. mueller says:

    is no stipid post ,thomas voglar have nice replica ,simpel TR2 !

  4. I am always here to answer all your questions, but when you post these you must say why??
    I have no problem with these posts. when i can reply with facts
    Greetings Thomas
    if you want you can talk directly with me (

  5. thank´s Steve for your help
    greetings Thomas

  6. David Nelson says:

    Hi Steve,
    I just came upon your web site and was wondering if this controversy has been sorted out

    • Hi David,
      I don’t know any more than has been already said in the comments appended to my post. As you can see, there are strong feelings about this issue. I have assumed that there has been an implied agreement to agree to disagree.

      Steve McKelvie

  7. Due to information provided to me by Thomas Volgar, I now have concluded that Thomas Volgar’s car is, in fact, the Triumph TR2 Works Le Mans car with registration number PKV376.

    Steve McKelvie

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