The Triumph TR Cars – The Triumph TR3B

The Triumph TR3B was a further variant of the Triumph TR3.  When the Triumph TR4 was introduced in 1961 most of the Triumph dealers loved it.  However, some of the US dealers liked the TR3A’s lower price and more traditional sports car look.  As a result, for one year only, 1962, Triumph continued with a TR3 variant, the TR3B.

From the Exterior a TR3B is Indistinguishable from the TR3A

This turned out to be a great benefit to both the dealers and to Triumph.  By continuing to manufacture the “TR3A” as the Triumph TR3B, Triumph was able to use up their supply of overstock TR3A components and the dealers got the continuation of the TR3A style and price.

The TR3B was only made for one year, 1962, and it was only available in the United States.  A total of 3,331 TR3B cars were built.

Triumph TR3B Coupe with Aftermarket Wheels

Most peole think that the TR3B cars were simply the TR3A with the newer and larger TR4 engine.  That is not entirely true.  TR3B cars with Commission Numbers in the “TSF” series are effectively just late-model TR3As.  TR3B cars with Commission Numbers in the “TCF” series were the cars with the newer 2,138cc TR4 engine.  In addition, the TR3B had the all synchronized 4-speed from the TR4.

The “TCF” on This Identification Tag Indicates That This TR3B has a TR4 Engine

The engine could generate 105 hp at 4,650 rpm, with a top speed of around about 110 mph.  The TR3B is a special car because it combines the styling and disk brakes of the TR3A, with the larger engine and smooth shifting transmission of the more modern TR4.

The TR4 Engine in a TR3A Makes a TR3B

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4 Responses to The Triumph TR Cars – The Triumph TR3B

  1. Bud Wiesedeppe says:

    I purchased a slightly used TR3B in 1965. This was in Kansas City and it was titled as a 1963 Model. The badge on the hood clearly said TR3B. I know that most did not have the B designation but mine did. Would you have any idea how many had the B on the badge?

    • Hi Bud,
      That is interesting. I have not seen a TR3B with a hood badge with that designation. No, I don’t know how many of the TR3B cars had a “TR3B” hood badge. I am expect more Triumph information to arrive in the next two weeks, so perhaps I’ll be able to answer this question later. Perhaps someone else can jump in and answer the question for you.
      Also, I would like to see a photo of this TR3B badge. If you have one, could you please forward it to me at me email address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

      Good to hear this interesting piece of information!

      Steve McKelvie

  2. Ed EKKENS says:

    I bought a 1963 TR3B new in Ca. Loved it. Drove to Michigan and back. Was able to push it, hop in, pop the clutch and start it. Not today but in 63.

  3. Adam says:

    I bought a TR3b from El Cajon, CA and drove it to San Jose and restored it. It was mostly original and is the 77th to last one made. TCF2727 Badge says TR3.

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