1953 Corvette Modern Look-a-Like

Recently I posted about a 1951 Ford Modern look-a-like that I saw in Ashland, MA.  I mentioned at that time that I had seen a 1953 Corvette modern look-a-like before.  Well, it turns out that I happened to see another one this past weekend in Cumberland, RI.

1953 Corvette Commemorative Edition Car in Cumberland, RI

I believe that these cars are based on a 2003 Corvette.

That is Not a 1953 Corvette Engine!

The rear end styling is based on the 1953 Corvette as well.

The windshield decal indicates that this car is referred to as a 1953 Commemorative Edition.

Note the Gold Colored Badge Between the Seats

I tried to get a good look at the badge.  I believe that it said “Commemorative Edition #156”.  If I got the number right, then there must be a number of similar out somewhere.

There was no Information About the Builder of These Commemorative Edition Cars

These cars appear to be very well built.  There is nothing amateurish about the construction of these cars.

This Is the 1953 Corvette Modern Look-a-like that I Saw in Newport, RI in 2007

Perhaps there are other modern look-a-like designs or commemorative out there in addition to 1951 Fords and 1953 Corvettes.

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4 Responses to 1953 Corvette Modern Look-a-Like

  1. Mason Holmes says:

    The white-wall tires make this one look quite a bit better than the all white example I commented on recently.. if only they’d have found a way to mask the look of of an 03’s side/door area.

    • Hi again Mason,
      In taking another critical look at these cars, it seems to me that these cars would look better if they had done away with the door-mounted rear view mirrors. These mirrors seem quite large and they break up the flowing lines of the side of the car when you compare this car with the lines of a 1953 Corvette.

      Thanks for your interest in these cars!

  2. I saw one of these sell at a recent Mecum Auction for over $50,000. Quite a strong price I would say.

    Steve McKelvie

  3. Hello,
    For more information on the Commemorative Edition Corvettes, please visit the company that built them. aatcars.com is the web site for them!

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