SMCC 2011 Economy Run/Rally

Last weekend, the Sports Motor Car Club of Montreal held their 2011 Economy Run/Rally.  A good sign for this type of event was that the number of entrants increased over the number of entrants that turned out for the 2010 running of this event.

Despite the increased number of entrants, the winning driver this year was the same as in 2011 – Mike Kamm of Averill Park, NY.  While the winning driver was the same, this year Mike was driving a 1977 Datsun B210.  So much for new technology!

Mike’s navigator this year was local Montreal rally ace David Wood.  I navigated for Mike in last year’s event and I know that Mike knows how to make a gallon (or a litre) of gas go a long way.

Mike Kamm and David Wood Won the 2011 SMCC Economy Run/Rally

The overall results of the 2011 SMCC Economy Run/Rally are shown below:

As can be seen from the results Mike Kamm/David Wood won on both the raw fuel consumption and the adjusted fuel consumption based on the rally timing results.

Who Would Have Guessed that a 1977 Datsun B210 Would Get Better Gas Mileage Than Those Smart Cars? 

For a broader understanding of the results, Mike’s fuel consumption during the rally (3.89L/100km) translates into 59.18 miles per US gallon and 71.08 miles per Imperial gallon!  The speeds during the economy run/rally required to make the timing requirements are very close to the posted speed limits.

The Top Three 2011 SMCC Economy Run/Rally Winners

When the weights of the vehicles are taken into account, then the best score was by the team of Dominic Maurice/Sarah Bourgeois in a 2011 Honda Civic at 3.78 litres/100km/tonne.

Once again Jeff Dungen has put on an interesting Economy Run/Rally in the Montreal area and I hope that the growth in the event continues next year and beyond.

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3 Responses to SMCC 2011 Economy Run/Rally

  1. Mike Kamm says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for posting the results from the SMCC rally. Jeff did another great job this year. I think you might find it interesting that one of the Smart cars was a diesel! They aren’t available in the US, but Canada’s got them. Imagine that? I’ll bet I could have gotten 70+ mpg with that car. 😉

    • John Arnesen says:

      Mike Kamm from Acme Nissan?

      • I have not spoken to Mike in about a year, but at that time he was working with a BMW motorcycle dealer in the Troy, New York area. However Mike is very knowledgeable about Nissan cars and if he now works at a Nissan dealer, then that would be a great fit.
        Steve McKelvie

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