2012 Trans Am Rally Entry Form Available

A couple of weeks ago I added a post to this website noting that the early entry list for the Endurance Rally Association’s 2012 Trans Am Rally only identified one American participant.  I hope to see more American and Canadian teams taking part in this cross-country rally that will happen in May/June next year. 

The Trans Am Rally promises to be a great rally adventure starting in New York City and ending in Anchorage, Alaska.  The Trans Am Rally is divided into two legs:

  • New York, NY to Vancouver, BC
  • Vancouver, BC to Anchorage, AK 

By dividing the Trans Am Rally into these two legs, participants can enter each leg separately or can enter the complete rally.

Last week Pete Guliver sent me a copy of a brochure for the 2012 Trans Am Rally as well as a copy of the entry form for the 2012 Trans Am Rally that he got from the Endurance Rally Association (E.R.A.).  I have included this information from the E.R.A. with this posting.

The Trans Am Rally brochure (it is a large file) can be obtained by clicking on the following link:

Trans-Am Brochure[1]

The Entry Form for the Trans Am Rally can be obtained by clicking on the following link:

Trans-Am 2012 Entry Form

The entry fee might be considered expensive, but it does include all of your accommodations and many meals, plus all of the features needed to put on this rally, including a service crew at the back of the field who can assist with most mechanical repairs and mishaps.

As I have noted before, this should be a great event and maybe there is somebody out there looking for a navigator.

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