My Traveling Companions on the Germany Trip

I realized that I have occasionaly mentioned the fellows that I traveled with on my recent trip to Germany, but that I had not shown any pictures of these fellows.  I have decided to rectify that situation.  The picture below shows us in an outdoor cafe just after we had completed the Baden Classic Rally.

Paul Henshall, Dave Weiman, myself, and Harald von Langsdorff Relax in an outdoor cafe after the Baden Classic Rallye


Dave Weiman and I Discussing Navigation Issues after the rally

During the week we visited with Thomas Romen, a frequent rally competitor from Stuttgart, who Harald and Paul had met at last year’s Baden Classic Rallye.  We had a very pleasant visit and drinks with Thomas and his lovely wife in his home in Stuttgart.  Thomas then took us to the Mercedes-Benz Museum later that evening.

Thomas Romen was a very gracious host for us

Thomas also took part in this year’s Baden Classic Rallye in his 1971 BMW 3.0 CSA with his daughter Julia as his navigator.  Thomas gave us some good advice throughout the rally.  Thomas Romen is a true gentleman and a very good rally competitor.

Thomas Romen’s 1971 BMW 3.0 CSA in the Baden Classic Rallye

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