Martin Jubb (King Cog or the Haldaman) Passes

I have been away for a couple of days, but I came back to find this sad news in my inbox:

The King is Dead.  Martin Richard Jubb aka King Cog aka Haldaman left this world on March 27, 2011 to join all those beloved family members that went on before.  He would want all his family and friends to celebrate his extraordinary life as he lived it through languages, travel, bicycle racing, motor cars and rallies and the Halda instruments he so dearly loved to restore.  They were perfection once he touched them as are the lives that he touched. 
He will be remembered on Saturday morning April 2, 2011 at 11:00 am EST.  Flowers to be sent in his honour to :
Munden Funeral Home
2112 Arendell St
Morehead City, NC 28557
Any donations to family for funeral expenses can be made in care of his widow
Carolyn Willis Jubb
1302 Shackleford St
Morehead City, NC 28557
(252) 622 3690
Please remember him as he would have liked you to.
Warmest Regards
The Jubb Family
Martin was a very passionate enthusiast for Halda road rally navigational equipment.  He was the “go to” guy if you needed repairs done to a Halda Tripmaster, Twinmaster, or Speedpilot.  Recently I had bought some parts from him and got some advice when I was making some repairs to my Halda Speedpilot.  He will be missed.
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7 Responses to Martin Jubb (King Cog or the Haldaman) Passes

  1. Eddie Woods,Newtownards,County Down,Northern Ireland. says:

    I am totally shocked as i read the passing away of one of lifes true gentlemen.Albeit i did not know Martin personally but with communication through the internet i thought i did.Martin serviced a Halda for me in January 2011 and although he was not as active as he was(his words not mine) the job was done with the expertise he was famous for.The world has lost a true engineer and i can only assume GOD needed him for his own work. RIP my friend for is was a pleasure to know you.
    Till we meet again.
    Eddie in Northern Ireland

    • Hi Eddie. I had a couple of conversations with Martin and it was obvious that he was a true gentleman, as you noted. He also told me that he was slowing down, but he attributed it to the cold weather cooling his workshop a little too much. We discussed using my Halda Speedpilot and after we had discussed some aspects of rallying, I was pleased when he said: “It was a pleasure to talk to a real navigator.”


  2. Thomas says:

    So sad to hear of the passing of Martin. I was trying to negotiate with him to sell some of my Halda parts a few months ago. He was such a gentleman. My condolence to his wife and children.

  3. Eddie says:

    Hi Steve
    I was wondering do you know when the Haldaman left England to set up home in the USA.. I challenged a guy selling a Halda who stated it was serviced by Martin in England and that he handed it to him personally.(the sticker on the Halda was 2003). I doubt it was Martin as i had occasion to speak to him about someone in the UK using his name and he flatly denied that there was any outlet in the UK. Any information would be of assistance as i will not let this rest if he is a fraudster.


    • Hi Eddie,
      I wish that I could help you. I was aware of “King Cog” being in North Carolina for sometime. I purchased a circular rally slide rule from Martin quite a few years ago now and it came from North Carolina. I remember thinking at that time that North Carolina seemed like an unusual place for someone to be who was working on Halda products and have a circular rally slide rule. I feel that he was in North Carolina before 2003, but I can not say for certain.

      Perhaps someone else will jump in and provide you with a definitive answer.


  4. Thomas Bradley says:

    Hello Chaps,
    I am a retired Police Officer from South Yorkshire and Martin was a Police Officer in Avon and somerset some 200 miles from me and we competed together as a team on occassions and against each other. Although he went to live in the USA he did in fact return on many occassions to Bristol where he used to live and where he had many friends and family and I would think that he would mix business with pleasure when he did return hence the 2003 connection.
    Tom Bradley

  5. Eddie says:

    Hi Thomas,
    The only problem i see is these instruments require expertise not only in person but in the availability of time and a workshop to carry out the servicing, not something you can travel with.I to come from a police background (RUC) and the last thing i want is someone using Martin’s good name to gain a pecuniary advantage.


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