2011 Frost Heaves Rally Results

Last weekend the Frost Heaves Rally was held in New Hampshire.  This rally has been a fixture on the New England Region rally schedule for quite a few years.  Rallymaster Scott Beliveau does a great job with this rally.

This rally had the usual SCCA classes, as modified in the New England Region where the SCCA Limited Class is combined with the Equipped Class, and a special competition within the rally among the “Dirty Impreza” Class.  The results of the rally are presented in the following table:

SCCA Class Special Class Team Score Car
Equipped DI M.Beliveau/Henry 19 Subaru
Equipped   Brodeur/Benner 25 Saabaru
Equipped DI Moody/Regan 38 Subaru
Stock   Guertin/Guertin 150 BMW
Stock   Clark/Fisher 207 Saab 
Stock DI Field/Norton 252 Subaru
Stock   Gibbs/Korzek 304 Subaru
Stock   Denham/Stevens 513 Audi
Stock   Alspaugh/Bennett 618 Ford
Stock DI Krouse/Carlson 628 Subaru
Novice   Mahan/Connelly 670 Ford F350
Novice   Corey/Corey 700 Subaru
Novice   Skerry/Skerry 706 Chrysler
Novice   McMahon/Perry 732 Subaru
Novice   Perry/Smith 788 Subaru
Novice   Aquadrto/Rangle 1106 Audi
Novice   Martin/Faber 1140 Toyota
Novice   Wilcox/Fletcher 1219 Subaru
Stock DI Davis/Desantis 1239 Subaru
Novice   Hendrix/Mahan 1276 Ford F250
Novice   Corcoran/Manock 1522 Ford


The Dirty Impreza class did very well with two of the top three cars and four of the top ten cars being Dirty Impreza class cars.  The Overall winning team was Mike Beliveau/Matt Henry who won the Equipped Class and the Dirty Impreza Class.  The Stock Class was won by Guertin/Guertin in their BMW.  The Novice Class winners were Mahan/Connelly with a good score.  I think that it is a great idea groups can have their competition within the larger rally.

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