Regional Rally Results from Rally of The 100 Acre Wood

Two regional rallies were part of last weekend’s Rally of the 100 Acre Wood.  On Friday was the Trespassers Will and on Saturday was the 100 Acre Wood.

Friday’s Trespassers Will rally was won by Peter Hascher/Scott Rhoades in Pete’s Open Class Subaru by 14 seconds over second place Brian Scott/John Dillon.  Third place Overall and third in the Open Class was Peter Fetela/Ray Vambuts.  The Group 2 class was won by Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson by 19 seconds over Matt Bushore/Andrew Bushore with Billy Mann/Don Buress in third place.  The L Class was won by Brianne Corn/Jeremy Rowland over Charles Surdyke/Jimmy Brandt.  There were no Group 5 cars that finished.

Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson Won Group 2 in Trespassers Will Rally

On Saturday Peter Hascher also won the 100 Acre Wood regional rally and the Open Class by 10 seconds over Peter Fetala with Brian Scott finishing third this time.

In Group 2 Matt Bushore/Andrew Bushore overturned Friday’s results by beating Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson by 22 seconds.  Billy Mann/Dan Burress finished third again.  The L Class winner was Brianne Corn with Charles Surdyke finishing in the runner-up position again.  The 3rd place Class L car was Scott McCarty/Grant Hughes.  In Group 5 Brian Dondinger/Dave Parps was the only finisher.

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