L’Estage Wins The Rally of the 100 Acre Wood

This weekend, the Rally of the 100 Acre Wood, the second event in the RallyCar stage rally championship was held in Salem, Missouri on Friday & Saturday. 

The rally was a less than triumphant return of NASCAR’s Travis Pastrana to stage rallying as he rolled his car big-time on Stage 2.

Friday was to have 6 stages, but Stage 5 was cancelled due to flooding.  Of the 5 stages that were completed on Friday, Antoine L’Estage/Nathalie Richard won 4 and David Higgins/Craig Drew won 1 stage.  At the end of Friday, L’Estage led Higgins by a total of almost 22 seconds.  Dave Mirra/Marshall Clarke were in third place about one minute behind Higgins.

At the end of Friday in the Super Production Class, Ramana Lagemann was 19 seconds ahead of the Hansons in 4th and 5th places respectively.  It should be recalled that the Hansons won the season opener, the Sno*Drift rally, out right.  In 2WD, Wyatt Knox/Ole Holter were about 24 seconds ahead of Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson.

On Saturday, on the second stage run, Stage 8, Ramana Lagemann rolled while leading the Super Production Class.  This put the Hansons into the class lead which they held until the end of the rally.  The fight for second and third in Super Production was between Roman Pakos/Bartosz Sawicki and Lauchlin O’Sullivan/Scott Putnam.  Throughout the day O’Sullivan was slowly catching up with Pakos.  Going into the last stage Pakos led O’Sullivan by only 6.5 seconds.  It was not enough to hold off the charging O’Sullivan, who came from behind to claim second in class by only 0.6 seconds!  What a close finish!

At the front of the field Antoine L’Estage in his Mitsubishi Evo was able to hold on to his Friday lead by winning 6 of the 10 stages on Saturday.  David Higgins in Subaru Rally Team USA entry was second overall and won the other 4 stages on Saturday.  At the end of the day, L”Estage’s winning margin was about 18 seconds.  Dave Mirra in the other Subaru Rally Team USA finished in third, 4 minutes and 45 seconds behind Higgins.

Antoine L’Estage/Nathalie Richard in their  Winning Mitsubishi

In the 2WD competition, Wyatt Knox/Ole Holter maintained their class lead throughout the day in their Mazda 3 as Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson just could not catch up.  Finishing third, in which I would add, a disappointing third, was Dillon Van Way/Jake Blattner in their 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Wyatt Knox/Ole Holter won the 2WD Class in the Mazda Speed 3

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