2011 Classic Car Auction Schedule

The year is filled with classic car auctions where you can buy all sorts of great classic cars.  There always seems to be some very interesting classic cars on the auction market. 

I have prepared a list of some of the classic car auctions and I will be updating this list of classic car auctions throughout the year.  There are a number of European and British classic car auctions later in the year that I have not added yet.  If there are events that I have not listed, then please let me know.  I will also be showing some of the classic car auction results throughout the year.

February 26 H&H Auction, Stoneleigh Park, UK
March 3 Brightwells, UK
March 4-6 RM Auction, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
March 5 Bonhams, Oxford, UK
March 8 Coys Auction, London, UK
March 11-12 Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, USA
March 11 Gooding & Company, Amelia Island, FL, USA
March 12 RM Auction, Amelia Island, FL, USA
April 7-9 Barrett Jackson, Palm Beach, FL, USA
April 8-10 RM Auctions, Toronto, ON, CAN
April 13 H&H Auctions, Buxton, UK
May 12-15 RM Auctions, Auburn, IN, USA
May 17-22 Mecums Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, USA
May 21 Bonhams, Aston Martin, UK
May 21 RM Auctions, Villa d’Este
June 17-18 Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, USA
June 23 RM Auctions, Salon Privé
June 24-25 Mecum Auctions, Corvette Auction, USA
June 24-26 Barrett Jackson, Orange County, CA, USA
July 15-16 Mecum Auctions, Des Moines, IA, USA
July 30 RM Auctions, Michigan, USA
August 18-20 Mecum Auctions, Monterey, CA, USA
August 18-20 Russo & Steele, Monterey, CA, USA
August 20-21 Gooding & Company, Pebble Beach, CA, USA
September 1-4 RM Auctions, Auburn, IN, USA
September 15-18 Mecum Auctions, St. Charles, MO, USA
September 22-24 Barrett Jackson, Las Vegas, NV, USA
December 1-3 Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, USA
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