Mike Kamm wins at Rallycross!

This weekend I got an email from Mike Kamm about his recent rallycross success:

“Last weekend I competed in the NER Eastern States Rallycross National event in Stafford Springs, CT. I was very fortunate to have finished 1st in the Modified 2WD class by just 1 second over Chang Ho Kim’s [Acura twin cam powered] ’91 Honda Civic. Along with the trophy I received a nicely embroidered NER RallyCross helmet bag that reads “2011 Eastern States RallyCross Champion”.

I plan to run in a CNY Region winter rallycross [followed by their 2010 season banquet] next weekend in the Syracuse area.”

Mike Kamm and his Sentra along with his recent Winnings 


In 2010, Mike and I won the Economy Run/Rally that was held by the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal.  This past fall Mike also had good success on a his local short track.  So Mike can “haul ass as well as sip on gas.”

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3 Responses to Mike Kamm wins at Rallycross!

  1. Kelley says:

    woooohoooo!!! Go Mike! I’m not sure if the last time I talked to Mike was at a Rally NY event or at one of is ice racing events but what a great guy. Thanks for the news about him.

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