Dormant Season and Looking Forward to 2011

It seems that we are now entering the dormant season, when most major racing/rallying series are finished for 2010 and people are contemplating next year. I think that next year is going to be very interesting. I think that all series and events that I follow, with the possible exception of the RallyCar (aka Rally America) stage rally series, will be stronger.

I have a personal interest in having the new WINTR Series be a success; I have heard of a
new winter stage rally in the NY/PA area; there will be a Mount Washington Hill Climb; I believe that there will be a new vintage car race in Springfield, MA, and I know of a couple of other interesting events that are actively being contemplated by various people.

Hopefully the overall economy will improve and I specifically hope that the personal economy of all who read this General BS improves so that we can do more to enjoy cars, racing, rallying, and motorcycles

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1 Response to Dormant Season and Looking Forward to 2011

  1. great to finally see you on the world wide web!

    Nice way to advertise “gun for hire” for those in need of co-driver too!

    take care and hope to see you at a race in the future!

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